International Premium Rate Numbers

IPRN is a very popular payment method used to charge a variety of content, goods or products over the telephone. Such a payment method can be used for micropayments of any kind in real-time without a credit card or bank account. IPRN also offers immediate billing and real time confirmation of the payment process. Due to payment speed, the IPRN are widely used for payments occurring on the internet or mobile devices.

Why it's better !

IPRN are an alternative to credit card payments, internet payment portals or bank transfers. IPRN offers high security as no personal info or credit cards numbers are disclosed. IPRN payments are also highly anonymous. IPRN payments are used for services consumed during the call already such as live conversation or recorded content. IVR , Classic IPRN service providers are TV stations, radios, internet portals, social network portals, newspapers and magazines, marketing agencies, education companies etc.



Market products through telephone by having numbers and customize IVR & Content about products



Live Call Center for premium services about products or informations



Service through SMS on Premium Rate Number for voting, notification or alert for banking

How it's work

Premium Rate Numbers are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided, and for which prices higher than are usually charged. Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via calls. While the billing is different, calls are usually routed in the same way as they are for a toll-free telephone number, regardless of the location and area code used. These telephone numbers are usually allocated from a national telephone numbering plan in a way which makes them stand out from other numbers. Telephone companies typically offer blocking services to allow telephone customers to prevent access to these number ranges from their telephones. In some jurisdictions, telephone companies are required by law to offer such blocking.
As an alternative to official Premium Rate Numbers, International Premium rate Numbers are being used in countries where domestic Premium Rate Numbers are not available for some reason. The great advantage of International Premium Rate Numbers is their accessibility. Domestic Premium Rate Numbers are always accessible only from the country of their origin whereas International Premium Rate Numbers are accessible from almost all over the world. Range Carrier is currently offering over 500 different terminations of International Premium rate Numbers.

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