Our focus is to deliver new technology to worldwide customers.
Our primary objective is to be a leader in developing great telecom experiences through IPRN technology. We strive to supply our partners with superior access, a user-friendly platform and world-class 24/7 support.

Orange Carrier

range Carrier

international premium rate numbers

Orange Carrier

Orange Carrier is a leading provider of international premium rate numbers (IPRN), premium call numbers, payout numbers and wholesale terminations.

Company history

In 2018, a group of seasoned telecom entrepreneurs analyzed the demands of the IPRN market and decided to build a revolutionary platform that will boost the market.

In the past 3 years, our team has carefuly developed a user-friendly IPRN platform, providing worldwide dialers and re-sellers enhanced platform functionalities.

In August 2018, Orange Carrier launched, offering its customers the most profitable IPRN services rates & solutions.

Core values Beliefs

Orange Carrier is a company that takes great responsability in staying true to its core values and beliefs.

The following values are the essence of who we are and what we do. They shape our actions in serving our partners and create unmatched IPRN value for them.


We encourage and invest in new IPRN technology. With our experience in the Telecoms Industry, we will engage in constant platform development.


We know that Premium Rate Numbers are a great business opportunity for every entrepreneur. Impressive profits can be easily done by everyone.

Integrity, honesty & transparency

Our success depends on our ability to deliver on each and every commitment made. We cannot succeed in this business without our partners.

The extra mile

We go the extra mile to attract, retain and develop our customers. Driven by our desire to become the world industry leader, we pledge to deliver you the best IPRN services available.


Connecting our partners with the tools, people & relationships to take their IPRN business to the next level.


Orange Carrier was developed with an eye on empowering our customers and fulfilling their telecom businesses needs.